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Construction Sector Heads YTD Inquiries for Green Tick® Certification

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The Construction Sector is heading up inquiries for Green Tick® Certification in the year-to-date, followed by the Food & Drink sector, then Professional Services.

Government and customer pressure on industries to provide legally robust verification of green claims is the driver across all sectors. Certification ecolabels sought are #1 Sustainability and #2 Carbon. Carbon labelling is connected to growing demand for carbon footprint declaration on manufactured products and operations. Robustness of claims is another important factor, with independent, evidence-based claims rating higher with authorities than aspirational claims or vague "green" labels.

Green Tick® Certification satisfies all these requirements, providing powerful, obvious, and authentic certification. Inquire now to learn more about how you can be awarded The Ultimate Ecolabel for your product, service, project, business, or organisation.

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