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  • What are the Green Tick® Ecolabels?
    There are 10 ecolabels - SUSTAINABLE (parent ecolabel), CLIMATE POSITIVE (a form of) CARBON NEGATIVE, CARBON CREDITS, NATURAL, ORGANIC, GE-FREE, FAIR TRADER, GREEN BOND, and GREEN TRACER® (for sustainable supply chains).
  • What are the Green Tick® Certification Standards?
    There are 12 Green Tick® Certification Standards covering health, safety and the environment. They are also known as ESG standards - environmental, social and governance. They are based on the ISO 14000 and 17000 sets of international standards for environment and conformity assessment. Download the Standards here.
  • Is Green Tick® organic?
    The Green Tick® ORGANIC ecolabel is designed for the sustainability certification of products that already hold an IFOAM® - registered organic certification (eg. Biogro, Demeter).
  • What do I get out of Green Tick®?
    Green Tick® is designed to instantly show your customers that your products or services are independently certified with an obvious and authentic ecolabel giving you an outstanding green credential.
  • Does Green Tick® Certification sell?
    Our market research showed that Green Tick® Certification increased sales +52% above historical, with sales increases varying between +63% and 233%. Consumers trusted the Green Tick® brand.
  • What are the costs of getting Green Tick®?
    a) Application fee: $USD300 per product or service, $USD1,000 per site. See Fees page for updates. b) Audit fee - the cost of having an approved Green Tick® auditor check your operations - fees depend on the size and complexity of the application. Following your inquiry, we contact an approved auditor in your area and advise this cost; and, c) Royalty fee: 0.2% of net sales, negotiable. That is, $USD2,000 annually on net sales of $USD1,000,000. Paid monthly. We also offer an Eligibility Check service from $USD500, depending on the scope of your application. This helps make sure it is complete, but does not guarantee that it will be granted.
  • How long does it take to get Green Tick®?
    This will depend on the size and quality of your operation, and the parts of it you wish to have approved. Usually three to six months if all records are in place.
  • How long does Green Tick® Certification last?
    Green Tick® certification is issued globally for three years, and then an organisation is audited again if it wishes to continue using the Green Tick® brand.
  • What if a particular Green Tick® Standard is not relevant to my business or product?
    Then this standard is noted as 'not applicable' in the Auditor's report.
  • How do you define sustainability?
    As a minimum, sustainability means that products and services are produced in a way that does not permanently harm people or the environment through the life cycle of a product or service 'cradle to grave' or 'cradle to cradle'.
  • What if I want a new product or production process certified?
    This is called a new product or production line audit. The main objective of the audit is to establish whether the new product or process is designed to meet the certification standard sought. Normally in such cases a 12 month compliance check will follow the primary certification audit. In this way, Green Tick® Certification is unique is that it allows for innovation and the certification of new products and processes without penalty or undue delay.


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