Green Tracer   - sustainable sourcing  

Green Tracer is new technology that enables the sources of ingredients in any product to be traced back to their origins, anywhere* on Planet Earth.  Services can also be traced back to their original source, and from their origin to any place* where they operate.


Green Tracer uses a combination of scientific techniques, computer applications, actual site visits, data sourcing, and independent data verification to trace product ingredients back up the supply chain to their actual source. The supply path traced is shown using our unique point-arrow symbol system on maps, computer grids, locational keys, QR-codes, video links or live web-based streaming.


Green Tracer can be used as a stand alone technology for verification of sustainable sourcing; or as part of an independent Green Tick certification. 


Green Tracer enables manufacturers to provide their customers with the ultimate in verification of sustainable sourcing.  Green Tracer helps customers confirm that the products or services they are buying are truly sustainably sourced - a critical issue in the 21st Century. 


Please consult us for more advice on how Green Tracer can help you.  


*Sourcing anywhere on Planet Earth excepting warzones or practically inaccessible areas.


Green Tracer - Verification of Sustainable Sourcing


Green Tick - The Ultimate Ecolabel.



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