Application Steps

This page summarises the Application Steps for the award of a Green Tick® Certification.  The steps towards certification are detailed below.  The subpages of this section provide further information, and our registered Advisors and Auditors are ready to help.  Contact Us for any queries. 

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1. Preparation

Prepare the list of organisations, products, projects, services you would like to have certified, see Certification Types

A Pre-Application Review service is available.

Environmental Scientist

4. Audit

Once your application is received, we appoint a registered auditor to your project.  The auditor completes the audit, and sends the Audit Report to our Certification Board.


2. Select Ecolabel

Select the best Green Tick® Ecolabel for your business and market. Check that you can meet the ecolabel's Standards.


5. Award

Our Certification Board reviews the application, the Audit Report, and decides whether to award certification. If granted, a license agreement is issued to you for use of the Green Tick® ecolabel worldwide.

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3. Application

Prepare your Sustainability Statement showing compliance with the ecolabel sought, see Certification Process and Fees.  Submit your application online.  Or Contact Us if you want to apply direct.

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6. Promotion

Your successful certification is listed on the Green Tick® Register, promoted worldwide across all our global media, and to all our industry and government contacts.  We are happy to partner with you in marketing campaigns.