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Green Tick Certification Limited company logo

Green Tick® Ecolabels

GreenTickSustainable logo

Green Tick® Sustainable - the 'parent' label and most popular

GreenTickClimatePositive logo

Green Tick® Climate Positive - another form of Carbon Negative

GreenTickCarbonNegative logo

Green Tick® Negative - the recommended carbon label

GreenTickCarbonCredits logo

Green Tick® Carbon Credits - for genuine carbon credits

GreenTickNatural2022 logo

Green Tick® Natural - no artificial substances and second most popular 

GreenTickGE-Free logo

Green Tick® GE-Free - no genetically engineered content

GreenTickOrganic logo

Green Tick® Organic - complies with IFOAM standards 

GreenTickFairTrader2022 logo

Green Tick® Fair Trader - no exploitation of workers

GreenTickGreenBond logo

Green Tick® Green Bond - genuinely green financial instruments

GreenTracer logo

GreenTracer® - independent verification of sustainable supply chain and sourcing claims

Life-Cycle Based

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Green Tick® Certification Scheme established in 1998.

Designed to comply with Government and customer "green claim" standards.

Life-cycle based, ISO platform, peer-reviewed, certification applies worldwide.

Certification standards include health, safety, environment, and social (ESG) criteria.

Open access to Registry listings and reports. Eligibility Checks available.

Impeccable track record. Proven sales success here.

Global showcase with Green Tick® - The Ultimate Ecolabel.


Show Case 

Showcase your certified sustainable products across global media platforms


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