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Green Tick® Certification more accessible with new minimum application fee of $NZD 550

Green Tick® Certification Brand Examples

Powerful, obvious, and proven independent green credentials awarded by Green Tick® Certification Limited are now more accessible with a one-time application fee of only $NZD 550 for the minimum-required "one product (service) - one site" application.

Application preparation costs have also been reduced by an Eligibility Check service that saves time and money for applicants. A Pre-Application Checklist is handy for applicants who wish to use the proven ISO 14001 platform model to present their health, safety and environmental information (HSE) that shows they meet the Certification Standards. The simple On-line Application Form with its Google Link makes submitting an application faster and easier.

Further savings in triennial (once every three years) audit costs are made possible by the use of specialised HSE templates and AI.

Royalties for the use of the Green Tick® and GreenTracer® brands on products, services, sites, and logistics have also been reduced to 0.15% of annual net sales. This is due to savings made by using global on-line platforms for the promotion of certified organisations, products and services. For example, a company with net certified product sales of $NZD 1 million would pay only $NZD 375 in royalties quarterly for the use of the powerful and obvious Green Tick® brand globally across all on-line and print platforms.

Affordable and genuine Green Tick® Certification worldwide was one of the original visions of the Founders of Green Tick® Certification in 1998. They are very pleased that technological advances and cloud-based systems are making this more and more possible for many in the 21st Century, especially when truly independent, authentic, and transparent sustainability and carbon certification has never been more needed.

See our new Fee Structure for organisations who wish to carry Green Tick® - The Ultimate Ecolabel™ - or GreenTracer® on their products and services locally and to the world.

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