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What is Green Tick Certification?

Green Tick Certification is a sustainability certification programme invented by Green Tick Certification Limited (GTC) in 2004.   GTC is a New Zealand-based private company.  GTC became a Government-approved sustainability certification authority in New Zealand and Australia in 2006.  The Green Tick Sustainability Certification System is now available world-wide.


What are the Green Tick Certification Options?

There are seven certification options: SUSTAINABLE, CARBON NEUTRAL, CARBON NEGATIVE, NATURAL, ORGANIC, GE-FREE and FAIR TRADER.  Each has a unique brand image shown below. 


What products and services does GTC certify?

GTC can certify any product, service, project, manufacturing site, or company that meets the Green Tick Certification Standards for the brand sought.  We also certify Carbon Credits and Green Bonds.


What are the Green Tick Certification Standards?

The Green Tick Certification Standards cover health, safety, and environment, and can be found here.  


What is the certification process, and how long does it take?

The certification process has six steps, and can take from 3 months to a year.


1. Inquire about Green Tick Certification - talk to us about your needs and how we can help;

2. Choose certification option - choose the certification option best for you;

3. Prepare for certification - complete a Sustainability Statement that shows how your product or service meets the relevant certification standards;

4. Apply for Green Tick Certification, submitting the application form, fee, and Sustainability Statement;

5. Undergo a Green Tick Audit, and if successful;

6. Be awarded Green Tick Certification for a maximum period of three years (or until the end of the project in certain cases, or for specified periods in the case of certified Carbon Credits and Green Bonds), and promote your Green Tick in the market.


A process diagram can be found here.


What are the costs of Green Tick Certification?

1. Preparing for certification - these costs vary depending upon the type of certification sought and the sustainability status of the product, service, or organisation;

2. Green Tick Application and Audit fees  - shown here.  Audit costs will vary depending upon the certification sought;

3. Green Tick Royalty fees for use of the Green Tick brand - shown here; and,

4. Marketing costs for the promotion of Green Tick-certified products and services. 


What are the benefits of Green Tick Certification?
  • Powerful, obvious, reliable, and independent green branding.  Consumers instantly understand what Green Tick Certification means.

  • Impeccable, never challenged green credential.  Green Tick Certification has proven its integrity in over 21 years of operation.

  • Proven sales success.  Green Tick Certification is the only independent sustainability ecolabel that has proven increased sales following certification.  Evidence here.






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