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Carbon Negative and Climate Positive Certifications only for robust green claims

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Green Tick® Carbon Negative Certified

With the increasing clamp down on false green claims by government authorities worldwide, this is the time for Green Tick Certification Limited to explain why we do not provide "Carbon Neutral" or "Carbon Zero" certifications.

We do not promote "Carbon Neutral" or "Carbon Zero" certifications, as these have no basis in carbon-cycle science. Carbon (greenhouses gases) constantly cycle throughout the environment in various forms and do not come to a static state that might be called "neutral".

"Carbon Zero" is a misnomer often wrongly used to denote a "carbon neutral" or "zero net carbon emissions" state. In the carbon cycle "Carbon Zero" does not exist for greenhouse gases. Confusion is also caused because technically a "carbon zero" state means that there is zero content of the element carbon (C) in a product or object.

In our view "Carbon Neutral" and "Carbon Zero" claims are misleading and confusing with respect to the constantly revolving carbon-cycle in nature.

"Carbon Neutral" or "Carbon Zero" status cannot be proven by the use of any reputable carbon-cycle scientific method, so we do not offer these certifications.

"Carbon Negative" or "Climate Positive" certifications are offered here on the basis of ISO Standards and an Emissions Reduction Plan, see Standards.

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Green Tick® Climate Positive Certified

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