How Susan got the idea one day in the supermarket...

It always never get the best ideas in the lab, or in the office.​ Green Tick happened one day in 1998 after work, while I was rushing around looking for something for dinner.  I had been working on an environmental audit, trying to figure out how to show, very simply, compliance with 'green' legal and quality standards.  


And then it hit me, in the supermarket.....use a Green Tick...everybody understands what a Green Tick's easy to see on the FRONT of a product...create some universal sustainability standards that can apply to everything, make it completely independent of any industry or government so consumers will trust it, link it to a free, easy-to-understand audit report as bullet-proof as you can make it, and pow!!! have it: 


Green Tick - The Ultimate Ecolabel.


  • Powerful – instant consumer recognition 

  • Obvious – everybody understands it

  • Reliable - world’s first government-approved, LCA-based, independent sustainability certification compliant with environment and consumer laws

  • Independent – auditors independent of any industry or government

  • Universal – any product or service anywhere

  • Global – one certification applies worldwide

  • Transparent – audit and certification process

  • Simple – sustainability definition: “operating without permanently damaging the environment.”


Go to History to see how we locked in the science and legals, Business Case for why you would choose Green Tick, Register to see who has Green Tick, Ticks for the best Green Tick for you, Green Bonds for genuinely green money, Apply for the application process, Contact Us to talk to us about how Green Tick can benefit you. 



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