"Green Tick-Certified Carbon Credits" are carbon credits that have been independently certified as genuinely carbon negative (greenhouse gases are absorbed by a forest or process), and registered in the Green Tick Register.


Certified Carbon Credits (whether government-issued or voluntary) have passed our independent audit against the Green Tick Carbon Credit Certification Standards.  Audits of carbon credits' authenticity can be completed before they are offered for sale on the Carbon Market.  Independent site inspections of the carbon credits' source (for example, forestry stands or clean development projects) are compulsory.  Carbon credits must meet international (eg. UNFCCC) and or national (eg. New Zealand EUR) legal standards for authenticity.  Audit reports are published here free, on-line, in the Green Tick Register


This way, credit holders can show markets that they are offering a genuine Carbon Credit, and credit buyers and other interested parties can quickly find out which Carbon Credits have been certified as a genuine Green Tick-Certified Carbon Credits.

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