​A green credential for those who have started on their sustainability journey,or are part way through it and committed to continuing. Green Tick Approved shows that you have had your sustainability practices reviewed and approved by Green Tick Certification Limited as an independent reputable "green" authority.

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On the journey...

Green Tick Approved is for those who are on the sustainability journey, but haven't quite reached formal certification standard yet.  Nevertheless they want to show that they are genuine by having an independent "green" authority review their activities and grant them a "green approval".  

What "Approved" means

Green Tick Approved means that you have proven that your product, service, site, activity or organisation is truly committed to genuine sustainability practices at your stage of the sustainability journey. This is the "entry-level" Green Tick.


Application Process

We ask you to make an application to us including your key sustainability information.  We then conduct a desk-top review of your information, review your track record and future plans, give you any pointers needed to improve, and grant Green Tick Approved for three years if your application meets our minimum standards.  You can then include the "Green Tick Approved" brand on your marketing material.


Green Tick Approved application fees are based on the size of an organisation, and there is an annual service fee for maintaining your listing on the Green Tick Register.

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Get Green Tick Approved for your organisation.


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