​How to Apply Guideline 

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The Guideline takes you through the six step application process:

1. Inquire about Green Tick

2. Choose Your Tick

3. Make Your Application

4. Complete Your Audit

5. Be Awarded Your Tick

6. Promote Your Tick.


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Certification Process

The certification process has three parts:


1. Application - an organisation applies for Green Tick (see above for the How to Apply Guideline).


2. Certification audit - the application is processed and an audit of the product or service and its manufacturing site occurs.  Spot reviews can occur any time after certification (at no cost to the client).  Every three years the full certification audit is repeated - this is an International Standards Organisation (ISO) requirement.


3. Corrective action - where the client has failed a spot review or re-audit, and corrective action is needed to retain Green Tick.


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Green Tick - The Ultimate Ecolabel.



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